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  • How to Make a Bridal Sash

    Add a handmade accessory to your big day look with a DIY hand-stitched bridal sash. This classic piece is made to wear around your waist, but you can adapt the approach to make a version that fits as a headband. To get started, select a ribbon color and width that works with your dress. Next, choose complementary beaded trim in a similar width. Whether you opt for simple beadwork or more intricate sparkle – that’s up to you.  Read more ➜

    DIY by Clare McGibbon and the Etsy Studio Team.

  • Hand-Painted Evil Eye Tights

    Pack up the summer clothes: autumn is here at last! Ward off chilly weather with a pair of hand-painted evil eye tights.

    If evil eyes aren’t your thing, feel free to use this technique with your own design. I free-handed my pattern, but you can also trace your design to scale on a piece of paper and slip it under the tights as a guide. Let’s begin!  Read more ➜

    DIY by Clare McGibbon originally posted on the Etsy Blog. Editing by Aleksa Brown. Photography and styling by Clare McGibbon.