• Custom Metal-Stamped Keychains

    I’ve always wanted to work with a metal in a more creative way. Last year, I finally splurged and bought a metal stamp set: the alphabet letters, steel bench block, and leather sand pad (which helps keep the noise level to a minimum – stamping metal can be loud!) added up to around $60. Since then, these supplies have opened up a whole new world of experimentation: custom jewelry, hand-stamped leather goods, and these totally custom, totally easy stamped brass key tags.

    This project is an easy introduction to working with your metal stamp set, and the end result is a gorgeous brass tag with any word or phrase you can think of (that fits, of course). Make a few and switch up your keychain to suit your mood, or give some away as small gifts or party favors. Let’s get started!  Read more ➜

    DIY by Clare McGibbon originally posted on the Etsy Blog. Editing by Aleksa Brown. Photography and styling by Clare McGibbon.